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2021, 2023Product, Visual
Design Systems -
Our goal was to create a comprehensive design system, improving collaboration and comprehension with other disciplines and enabling faster prototyping. We aimed for consistency across all surfaces of the app that we owned, scalability, and quicker project phases.

Project Challenge


The absence of a source of truth for our surfaces resulted in inconsistent working files, making collaboration and feedback loops challenging during project phases. This lack of consistency caused us to reconstruct screen designs from scratch with each project, resulting in time-consuming and inefficient processes. The use of random files added to the workload, leading to inconsistencies and delays.

The Solution

To address these issues, we implemented a comprehensive design system. The system would serve as the single source of truth for surfaces of the app we interact with, ensuring consistency and making it easy to get new projects rolling. Baking in the most common interaction states enabled faster, and encouraged more, prototyping.

In addition, we also built a project template with all dependencies enabled by default to help expedite projects getting started, and more consistent cross discipline comprehension.

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