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2016Product, Visual
Branded streaming app -
Welcome to the world of classic movies. This project was to create a streaming app that catered to film buffs, providing an exceptional cross-platform branded experience.

Project Challenge


One of the challenges we faced during the development was ensuring that the app design meets both the client's branding vision and the user's needs. While the client had a specific brand identity that they wanted the app to reflect, I had to ensure that the app's usability and functionality were not compromised in the process. This required careful consideration of the user's needs and expectations throughout the design process, while still adhering to the client's brand guidelines.

Another challenge was coordinating with three design teams, each with their unique ideas. This coordination started affecting the timeline and scope of the project, which could have resulted in delays and dissatisfaction for end-users. To overcome this challenge, I focused on the user's needs and re-emphasized that our primary goal was to develop an app that meets their needs and brings the client's ideas to life, rather than getting bogged down in competing design ideas. I worked closely with the teams to ensure that the app design met both the client's branding vision and the user's needs while staying within the project's timeline and budget.

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The Solution

Prioritizing user needs became the guiding principle that was aligned on. The UI had to simple and intuitive, and the branding could never compromise that.

Our user-centric design approach, combined with close collaboration and frequent updates, enabled us to create a branded streaming service app that met the client's objectives and provided a satisfying user experience for the end-users.

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