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2015Product, Visual
Mobile UX for gym tracking -
Are you tired of keeping track of your gym workouts with a pen and paper? Our company had revolutionized the fitness industry with a groundbreaking new system that pairs hardware with software to track your exercises in real-time.

Project Challenge


The problem we faced during the development of our system was keeping the design process focused on solving bigger user problems and avoiding getting sidetracked by small details. As the lead mobile UX designer, I had little experience with the Android platform at the time, which posed a unique challenge for me. I overcame this challenge through determination and extensive research, ensuring a seamless experience across both mobile platforms.

Designing a comprehensive and intuitive system that seamlessly integrates hardware and software was no small feat. However, our team was committed to delivering a solution that meets the needs of gym-goers. The challenge was to keep the focus on the user's needs while ensuring that the design process remained efficient and didn't get bogged down in debates around small details.

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The Solution

To stay on track, we needed to be able to zoom out and ask questions like "how can we help users at this point in their journey?". These discussions and whiteboard sessions transitioned into wireframes, which we presented to stakeholders for feedback.

Once we addressed any feedback and received approval, we moved on to the visual designs. Collaboration with the iOS designer was key to ensuring that the user experience felt unified across all platforms.

By prioritizing user needs and maintaining a streamlined design process, we were able to build a system that syncs information directly to users' smartphones, providing a seamless experience across all devices.

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